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My name’s Adam and I’m currently doing postgraduate computer science studies. The speciality is distributed systems if You’re so curious.

My interest revolve around computer networks and security. As a result (or maybe it’s the other way around) I’m impressed by Cypherpunks and the Hackers[1] culture.

In free time I like to code small pieces of software. The ones I was brave enough to publish You can find amongst my Git repos, some are even described here.

That would be all You need to know about me. You can find more (like my surname and my coarse location) on my Keybase page, or Git profiles, or next to my PGP keys (and probably elsewhere, too, if You search long enough).

this website

Firstly, I am sincerely sorry for all the previous incarnations of my website. Especially, for the one looking like Material design—it was an unforgivable mistake to stuff You with all that bloat.

Self-explanatory as pages’ titles are, ‘Manifestos’ might not be clear. They are my way of publishing my reasoning and expectations—especially in terms of secure contact and standard formats. By no means are they authoritative—they are solely my opinion. You’re free to disagree, spit on it, or put it wherever You like.

You might have noticed those dark purple padlocks. They denote content that is signed by me so that—if You trust my keys—You can be sure it was really I who had written and published the content. If You click on one, You‘ll get a YAML document with two signatures: PGP clear signature and saltpack attached signature. The saltpack one is generated using Keybase client and my keys listed in my Keybase profile. You can verify the latter with Keybase client (if You’re registered) or with any saltpack implementation.

As on every reputable website, here as well You might look for a privacy policy. I don’t publish such a document because I don’t collect or process any of Your data (including, but not limited to, personal data). Neither does this website use cookies. There is also no analytics or any other tracking code here (for the full list of 3rd party resources used here head to credits). The only place where You may provide any data is the contact form. You may—but are not required to—leave Your email address. It will be encrypted locally on Your computer (along with Your message) so nobody except You and me will see the message (or Your email address) – not this website’s host, not my email provider, not any server on the way.

This website is, however, hosted by a 3rd party—namely HelioHost. As a result, I have no control over whether or not—and in what way—Your HTTP requests are logged.

Lastly (but not least), there’s hardly any JavaScript code here. There’s only one script used in the contact form to encrypt messages. Still all JavaScript code used here is libre software (for detailed description of particular licenses head to credits).

You can find the full source code of this website in my NotABug repo

  1. Hackers as defined in The Jargon File as opposed to ‘Crackers’